conding conventions?

  • clang-format and pep8 everything please (hook it to your editor)
  • python style as laid out in Fluent Python
  • use libraries hdf5, numpy, pandas

Build System

This project should support
  • python
  • pip
  • cmake (needs help finding a numpy library)
  • tools/
    • should be re-factored to use click (or other)
    • should dispatch on file pattern (use a library?) *.pybind.cpp *

Adding wrapped c++ code

This section needs an audit.

Create a file called path/to/my_module.pybind.cpp which defines a function

void RIFLIB_PYBIND_something_unique_path_is_good(py::module &m) {
    // pybind11 code here, adding to py::module m

This function will be auto-detected by the build system and called with a pybind module, i.e. module namespaces based on the file path. If your filename starts in caps: path/to/MyClass.pybind.cpp, the module m will instead be That is, build system will assume this is a class that you will bind and should not be a module namespace.


  • will sheffler
  • alex ford (name and advice)
  • david baker (funding)